Why You Should Stop Caring What Everyone Else Thinks

The need to feel accepted is hardwired into our brains as human beings. It is a basic human instinct that dates back to the beginning of time, and was a necessity for survival. If we didn’t fit in with the pack, we would be ostracized and become vulnerable to predators and other threats to our existence.

In current times, unless we are in some extraordinary situation, we are not going to die simply because someone is not fond of us. However, our need to fit in and be liked is so strongly tied to our survival instincts that it has not faded out with evolution. Our desire for approval often causes more harm than good, leading to unnecessary stress.

When you’re focused on what everyone else is thinking, you can’t focus your attention on what you think. You can’t keep your focus on your own goals and growing into the person that you want to be. It’s important to keep in mind that most of the time, we overanalyze things in our own minds and people are too worried about their own stuff to be concerned with what you’re doing. It’s not worth it to waste time worrying if other people are judging you, disliking you, laughing at you or whatever it is that you’re concerned about.

There are many reasons why you should stop caring what everyone else thinks and start focusing on yourself. But, learning to brush things off is much easier said than done.

We have some tips for those who find themselves focusing too much on the opinions of others on how to begin creating healthier boundaries with others and concentrate more on themselves. As the saying goes, the best offense is a good defense, so it’s best to begin with building up your own sense of self.


  1. Get to know yourself. Being comfortable with yourself is the first step to not giving a crap what anyone else thinks. We all think we know ourselves, but most of us make it pretty far in life without taking the time to really get to know ourselves on an intimate level. Take the time to get to know everything about you.


  1. Be your own friend. It’s important to realize that not everyone is going to like you or agree with you, and that’s okay! Not everyone is going to understand you or catch you on a good day, or maybe it’s something that’s up with them… It’s not your concern. But it is your job to like yourself! Be your own best friend. Be good to yourself.


  1. Embrace positivity. Pay attention to your thoughts and take note of how much space negativity is occupying in your mind. Make a strong effort to keep a positive mindset and begin replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.


  1. Surround yourself with the right people. If you’re always hanging out with people who make you feel like crap, no wonder you’re always worried about what everyone else thinks! Don’t allow other people to drag you down. Hang out with people who are positive, driven and supportive. Find your tribe who have your back and don’t make you constantly question yourself.


  1. Let go of perfectionism. For some reason, a lot of people think perfectionism is a good thing. It isn’t! No one and nothing is perfect, and you will drive yourself bananas aspiring to be so! Let go of the idea of perfectionism, stop comparing yourself to others (another super detrimental habit), and just aim to be better than you were yesterday!


  1. Identify your flaws. When you accept your flaws, they no longer hold any power over you. If you know what your issues are, it means that there’s nothing anyone can say that you don’t already know. So, who cares, right? Own your flaws, and work toward correcting them. That’s all you can do.


  1. Embrace your strengths. It’s equally important to embrace and enhance your strengths! Don’t beat yourself up about the areas in which you’re lacking. It’s all about working with what you’ve got!


  1. Keep things in perspective. It’s important to step back and make sure that you’re not blowing things out of proportion. As we mentioned earlier, most of the time people are too wrapped up in their own business to be concerned about yours. We can often misconstrue situations out of insecurity when there may be no situation at all.


  1. Challenge your thoughts. To get out of your own head, challenge your thoughts. Ask yourself questions to see if you’re being rational. How likely is it that someone is thinking this? If they are, does is have any real effect on you? Will it affect your business, relationships, or life in any way? If not, build yourself back up with some positive affirmations, say to hell with what they think and move on!


  1. Build up your confidence. The most important factor when it comes to not caring what others think is self-assurance. It’s important to build up your confidence so that as long as you know you’re living up to your standards, you won’t be concerned with the opinions of others. Make sure to incorporate confidence building habits into your life such as daily affirmations, exercise, social activities, etc.


When you’re wrapped up in being concerned with what everyone else thinks, you’re diverting your attention and energy from where it’s needed most. You should be focusing on your own life…what you think…what you want. Begin by building your confidence, and you will notice that little by little, your energy will begin to shift to where it is needed and deserved.


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