Habits of Confident People

Confidence…we all want it, but some of us have been struggling to achieve it for most of our lives. Exactly how do confident people achieve that amount of certainty? Is it good genes? Is it in their upbringing? Is it a series of circumstances throughout life? Or is it something they consciously do to become that way?

Maybe it’s a combination of things, and it’s probably different for everybody. One thing that we do know is that confidence is something that can be developed through habit! Sometimes we look at the behavior of confident people as a result of their confidence.

However, many times, it is the consistent behavior and habits that bring about such a certainty in oneself! Want to have a little more pep in your step? Watch the habits of some of the most confident people! They tend to be:


  1. Positive thinkers. You don’t develop confidence by focusing on the negatives in life or wallowing in self-pity. Confident people look on the bright side and focus on what they do have, what is possible, and how they can positively impact the world around them.


  1. Open-minded. Those who are self-assured are able to openly engage with others and accept the ideas and opinions of others. This doesn’t mean they need to change their own minds, but those who are confident in their beliefs should be open to hearing new ideas.


  1. Willing to learn. Confidence does not equate to arrogance. This means confident people know there is always more to learn and they are eager to do it!

     4. People who operate on principles. Self-assured people have a set code of ethics that they hold dear and they don’t stray from them.


  1. People who take responsibility. Confidence means knowing when you’ve made a mistake and being able and willing to own up to it. One of the most important keys to self-improvement and growth is being able to take responsibility of your own life and knowing when reroute when needed.


  1. People who avoid negativity. Confident people steer clear of negative situations and people who bring them down. Equally as important, they don’t speak negatively of other people. They focus on building others up and surrounding themselves with positive energy.


  1. Willing to accept differences. Welcoming diversity makes room for others to feel comfortable in their own skin. When others feel good, we tend to feel good! Judging others does absolutely nothing to build confidence and can, in fact, make us feel worse about ourselves.


  1. Able to laugh at themselves. Those who are most comfortable in their own skin have the ability to laugh at their own faults or laugh at themselves when they make a mistake. They’ve learned not to take life too seriously.


  1. Aiming for growth. Confidence is not just a goal to achieve and then plateau. People who are self-assured are always striving to grow and develop as people.


  1. Humble. One of the most important aspects to keep in mind is that confidence is quiet. It is not boastful. Those who are comfortable with themselves don’t brag or make others feel less than.

Sometimes confidence seems like a quality that you either have or you don’t. However, confidence is really an attribute that can be achieved through the daily practice of healthy habits! Go get ‘em!

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